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E.J. Dionne: How To Unite To Save The Country


When we head to the mailbox to cast our votes in Maryland’s June 2 Primary Election, the winner of the Democratic Presidential Primary will be a foregone conclusion. Joe Biden is the last person standing among two dozen candidates. This week, Pres. Barack Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have all endorsed the former vice president. 

My guest today is Washington Post columnist and Brooking Institution senior fellow E.J. Dionne, who has written a timely book that makes the case for how Biden can bring the Progressive and Moderate wings of the party together. The book is called Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country.

Dionne calls for a Politics of Remedy and a Politics of Dignity, premised in a shared vision of citizenship. He advocates for what the scholar Robert Wright first called, “Progressive Realism,” which embraces democratic and social justice concerns, but also takes into account America’s role in a dangerous world, rife with threats from countries like Russia, China and a handful of regional autocracies.   

In this terrific book, Dionne takes an insightful look back at the ebb and flow of Conservative and Progressive ideologies, and he makes a cogent case for moving forward from the current administration, which six out of ten Americans have repudiated for the last four years.

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