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A Pandemic of Misinformation: Steven Brill Fact Checks The Web

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As COVID 19 continues its stampede across the US and the world, there is a concurrent pandemic of misinformation being disseminated on websites that millions of people are visiting. Who can you trust?  How can you tell if a source is credible?  How do some conspiracy theories gain so much traction?

Today on Midday,  author and entrepreneur Steven Brill discusses his latest project, NewsGuard, a source that exposes sites that are deliberately  misleading people at a time when fear and anxiety are daily companions.


Heard on today's show:  If you are one of the many people who has been frustrated by long waits for their claims to be processed, the Labor Department has a few suggestions.     

Whether or not you are filing a claim on-line, or on the phone, the Department suggests that 

  • If your last name starts with A - F, file your claim on Monday.
  • If your last name starts with G - N, file your claim on Tuesday.
  •  If your last name starts with O - Z, file your claim on Wednesday.
  • Claim filing is open to all last names by phone on Thursday and Friday and online Thursday through Sunday.
  • Filing later in the week will not delay your payments or affect the date of your claim.

More than 200,000 Marylanders have filed for unemployment and the Department of Labor is scrambling to hire more people to process claims.  Visit the Labor Department's webiste to apply. 


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