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Rousuck's Review: "Safe Space" by Single Carrot Theatre

photo by Glenn Ricci

It's Thursday, and time to welcome theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck back with another of her weekly reviews of the Maryland stage.

Because Midday was preempted today by special NPR programming, Judy joins Tom in this Web-only edition with her take on Safe Space, by award-winning playwright R. Eric Thomas. The production, by Single Carrot Theatre, is now on stage at Baltimore's Clifton Mansion.

Safe Space is a Clue!-inspired farce that suggests that unlocking the past can be a dangerous thing. When white non-profit executive Helen discovers a locked door in the property she has inherited, black locksmith Courtney comes to her rescue, and that’s where the trouble begins.

Add to the mix Charlotte, the ghost of a formerly enslaved person, and Ryan, Helen’s MAGA-loving brother, and contention in the house is about to boil over.

Safe Space is directed by Ben Kleymeyer, with performances by  Tina Canady as Charlotte/Hazzie, Dominic Gladden as Courtney, Alix Fenhagen as Helen, Aaron Hancock as Bill, Daniela Hernandez-Fujigaki as Nadeen and Matthew Shea as Ryan. 

The Single Carrot Theatre production of Safe Space continues at Baltimore's Clifton Mansion through Sunday, February 23. More info here.

J. Wynn Rousuck has been reviewing theater for WYPR's Midday (and previously, Maryland Morning) since 2007. Prior to that, she was the theater critic of The Baltimore Sun, where she reviewed more than 3,000 plays over the course of 23 years. Her feature coverage for The Sun included a comprehensive series chronicling the development of the Tony Award-winning musical, “Hairspray.” Judy got her start at The Cleveland Press and at Cleveland’s fine arts radio station, WCLV. Her broadcasting experience also includes a year as an on-air theater critic for Maryland Public Television.
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