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Car Guys Tom Voelk and Rory Cahill Preview the Baltimore Auto Show

Photo by Kathleen Cahill

The Motor Trend International Auto Show opens today at the Baltimore Convention Center and runs through Sunday. There are more than 500 cars at the show, and we wondered: What’s hot and what’s not?

Midday host Tom Hall wandered around the car show last night with Rory Cahill. Rory knows a lot about cars, and his expertise has attracted the attention of a lot of folks. On two occasions, General Motors has shipped a car to Rory’s house in Baltimore and asked him to try it out for a week, and to give them his unvarnished opinion. In the biz, he’s known as “an influencer.”

So Rory seemed like a good guy to talk to when we wanted to find out which cars are the coolest cars at this year’s show. There’s only one thing Rory doesn’t know about cars: how to drive them. Rory is 13, three years shy of getting his license. Here’s a film about Rory that debuted at the Maryland Film Festival last year, plus a couple of his reviews from the 2016 New York Auto Show about the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and the Lexus LC 500.  Special thanks to director and engineer Luke Spicknall, who turned our trip to the Baltimore Auto Show into today’s Midday...

Later in the show, Tom welcomes award-winning automotive journalist Tom Voelk to Studio A. They chat about what’s new in the car industry and what you might want to consider if you’re in the market for new wheels, and they take your calls and comments.   

Credit Courtesy of Tom Voelk
Automotive journalist Tom Voelk is the creator of the "Driven Car Review" video and podcast series.

The Seattle-based Voelk has been making "Driven" car review videos since 2004.  For several years, those  videos appeared on The New York Times website, and Voelk still writes about automobiles as a contributor for The Times.

You can catch all of his “Driven" videos on his Youtube channel. His podcast,  also called “Driven," was the first podcast to win an Emmy Award. Voelk has a background in television and has won 20 Emmys in all.  He is a contributor to the NBC News Channel, the Seattle Times and other media outlets.

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