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Byrd Vs. Byrd: The Fight To Rename College Park's Football Stadium


University of Maryland’s president has recommended the renaming of College Park's football venue, Byrd Stadium. To many Harry Cliftion Byrd is a home state hero; for others he is an outspoken racist. Is the change is warranted, or simply political correctness run amok?

Today we'll hear from Bonnie Thorton Dill, Dean of University of Maryland's College of Arts and Humanities; University of Maryland sophomore and journalist for the Diamondback, Andrew Dunn; University of Maryland senior and student activist, Colin Byrd; and Ken Lawson, the Mayor of Crisfield, MD, " Curley" Byrd's hometown.

Sheilah Kast is the host of On The Record, Monday-Friday, 9:30-10:00 am.