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How New Maryland Laws Allow For Second Chances





Last month, we looked at a set of laws that went into effect in Maryland that would allow certain misdemeanors, as well as crimes that are no longer criminalized  like possession of small amounts of marijuana to be shielded from public view, or in some cases expunged. The law could impact tens of thousands of people who’ve been charged with or done jail time for these types of crimes. Carrying a criminal record can adversely affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life:  employment and housing and even the right to vote. 

Jonna McKone visited an expungement clinic in northwest Baltimore with Danielle, a Baltimore resident, who is looking to expunge her criminal record under the new legislation.  

We checked in with Danielle earlier this week. She says she has had several opportunities since applying to have her felony charge removed. And a few days ago, Danielle cashed her first check for a job since 2003.  As for removing the charge from her record, in January, Danielle meets with a lawyer to complete the next step in removing her criminal record.  For more information, a link to a conversation with Daneille, CarynAslan of the Job Opportunities Taskforce, and WYPR’sSheilahKast. 

For more information on removing criminal records: