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Five Things On Our Minds

A selection of wines that you certainly shouldn't fear - Photo by Tony Foreman via Instagram

Taking inspiration for the show's theme song, "Take Five" by The Dave Brubek Quartet, Tony and Chef Cindy explore five topics on their minds that they think should be on yours too. We will get in to travel advice, what to do with your leftovers, ideas for and alternatives to crabs, conquering wine fears, and kitchen tool tips.

Tony Foreman is the founder and co-owner of Baltimore's premier restaurant company, Foreman Wolf, comprised of six restaurants and two retail wine stores. The combined staff is over 350 employees and has been a major driving force in putting Baltimore on the map in the world of fine wines and dining.
Cindy Wolf is the executive chef at Charleston and was a 2006, 2008, and 2014 James Beard Award finalist for Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic. Chef Wolf's cuisine is backed by French fundamentals and grounded in preparations that emphasize the natural flavors of the very finest products.