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3 Health Benefits of a Clean and Decluttered Home

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Al: This is Al Waller, your host for ClearPath Radio – Your Roadmap to Health and Wealth. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all adjusted to spending an unprecedented amount of time in our homes, which has highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. Joining me is Mihaela Vincze, public health expert for nonprofit Transamerica Institute, here to discuss three ways that cleaning and decluttering our homes can improve our overall health. Al: Thanks for joining me. Mihaela: Thank you for having me.

Al: So now that the season for spring cleaning is approaching, it is a great time to discuss why a clean and decluttered home is important for our health. What are some of the specific health benefits of a clean home? Mihaela: Well for one, a clean home can actually boost your immune system. According to a Healthline article, Dr. Adrian Cotton, the chief of medical operations at Loma Linda University Health, says that cleaning your home can protect your immune system from triggers such as dust, mold, mildew, or pet dander. As we all know, maintaining a healthy immune system is especially important while we are in the middle of the pandemic.

Al: Of course, any way we can protect and boost our immune system during this time is important, and keeping our homes clean is a great first step. How else can a clean home benefit our health?

Mihaela: Many research studies have reported that a clean and decluttered home can have positive impacts on mental health. According to Psychology Today, some of the reported mental health benefits of a clean and organized home include lower reported instances of depression and anxiety, improved ability to focus on tasks, and better sleep.

Al: The link between mental health and our home environment is an important consideration when we are spending so much time in our homes. Are there any other ways that our health can benefit from cleaning and decluttering?

Mihaela: Yes actually. There is a correlation between tidy homes and physical fitness, according to an Indiana University research study. One factor behind this trend is that cleaning our homes requires physical activity and helps us to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Also, many people find that a clean and organized home can actually boost our motivation to eat healthier and work out.

Al: Well, these are all great incentives to try to maintain a cleaner and tidier home. That being said, many people struggle with cleaning habits and organizational skills. What methods or tips do you recommend?

Mihaela: It is best to develop consistent habits around cleanliness and organization as opposed to the “marathon” method when we try to clean our entire home at once. Instead of letting your clutter pile up and then spending an hour sorting through it at the end of the week, try to spend a few minutes cleaning up each day. You can make this a routine part of your daily schedule, maybe in the morning before you begin work or at night before you go to bed. I personally find it helpful to listen to a podcast or some music as I clean to alleviate the stress around the tasks I am doing and make it more enjoyable.

Al: Those are great tips! Thank you again for joining us, Mihaela.

Mihaela: Thank you for having me. Al: This has been another episode of ClearPath Radio – Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth. I’m your host Al Waller – thanks for listening.

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Al Waller is a long time native of the Baltimore area. He entered the field of Human Resources Management starting as an HR Generalist with PwC (Pricewaterhouse-Coopers). This marked the beginning of a 30 year career that advanced into the management level for locally and globally based corporations. His primary area of expertise has focused on but not limited to: Talent Acquisition /Retention, Employee Relations as well as Training & Development.
Mihaela is a public health expert for nonprofit Transamerica Institute