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Since 2002, "Your Maryland" hosted by Ric Cottom, has presented little-known human interest stories from Maryland's past.  Beginning with accused witches and the murderous career of John Dandy in the earliest days of the colony, through Morgan State's fabled "Ten Bears" in the 1970s, the show covers nearly four centuries of heroes, scoundrels, floods, fires, riots, plots, athletes (two-and four-legged), beautiful spies, brilliant writers, misunderstood pirates, and ghosts. All of that color, suspense, and humor is part of your Maryland.

Rockets Red Glare Stories

In January,  1912, a little black cat, a firehouse mascot, tagged along on a fire call, frightening the superstitious firemen. 

"Mary Garrett"

Dec 17, 2015

In 1893, Mary Garrett,  daughter of B&O Railroad magnate  John Work Garrett,  uses her fortune to fund the nation's first co-educational medical school at Johns Hopkins. 

"The Gold Hoard"

Dec 10, 2015

In 1934, two teenage boys find a secret stash of gold coins in the basement of an empty house on Eden Street in Baltimore. 

"John Brown"

Dec 3, 2015


Nov 24, 2015

"The Orator"

Nov 19, 2015

"Over There"

Nov 19, 2015

"The Bear"

Nov 19, 2015

Early settlers of Maryland were wary of those they suspected of practicing witchcraft. 

Cresap the Monster

Oct 14, 2015

Tubman and Nalle

Oct 1, 2015


Sep 17, 2015

Barbara Freitchie

Sep 10, 2015

"Joe Gans"

Sep 3, 2015

The Parthian Shot

Aug 20, 2015

In July, 1864, Union General Wallace and Confederate General Jubal Early meet at the Battle of Monacacy, and the two have a lasting impact on popular culture after the war.

"Good Deeds"

Jul 1, 2015

"King Kong"

Jun 30, 2015

Maryland ties to the making of the movie "King Kong."   

Ransom Train Wreck

Jun 18, 2015

In 1905, a freight train and a passenger train collided in Western Maryland, killing 26 railroad men. 

Hedgerows of Normandy

Jun 11, 2015

In June of 1944, Emil Willimetz, a US soldier of German descent, fought the Nazis during the invasion of Normandy.   

"Silent Spring"

Jun 4, 2015

the publication of Rachel Carson's book, "Silent Spring,"   changes the way the public thinks about the health of the environment and the ways in which the use of chemicals effect all living things. 

Ex Parte Merryman

May 29, 2015

The imprisonment of John Merryman at Fort McHenry at the start of the Civil War becomes the foundation for rules of habeus corpus in the United States.   

The Maestro

May 20, 2015

In May, 1891, Tchaikovsky visited Baltimore to present a concert at the Lyceum on Charles Street. 

Preakness of 1909

May 14, 2015

Fixed Bayonets

May 7, 2015

The Aviator

Apr 30, 2015


Apr 23, 2015

Monty R.

Apr 14, 2015