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Commentaries from community leaders around the Baltimore Metropolitan Region:

Marc Terrill – President, The Associated

Dr. Kimberly Moffitt – Chair, Language Literacy and Culture PhD Program (UMBC)

Al Hutchinson – CEO, Visit Baltimore

Dr. Francesca Gamber – Principal, Bard High School Early College Baltimore

Rev. David J. Ware – Rector, Church of the Redeemer


Archive prior to October 2013

A Living Treasure for Maryland's Youth

Dec 12, 2017
The Walters Art Museum

Julia Marciari-Alexander, Executive Director of the Walters Art Museum, talks about the importance of student field trips.


Dec 5, 2017
Michael Busada

Will Baker, president of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, discusses the EPA's endorsement of the use of Chlorpyrifos, a highly toxic insecticide.

Safe in our City

Nov 28, 2017

Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, pastor of Union Baptist Church, comments on what should be done to address the violence in Baltimore. 

A Horse in the Race

Nov 21, 2017

Michael Hankin shares why Baltimore would be a top choice for Amazon's second headquarters.

Jobs as Healthcare

Nov 7, 2017

Dr. Redonda Miller, president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital speaks about Hopkins' commitment to hire local residents. 

Art and Spirit

Nov 1, 2017

Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, pastor of Union Baptist Church discusses a new partnership between his church and the Baltimore Museum of Art. 

How Art Affects Humanity Over Time

Oct 24, 2017
The Walters Art Museum

Dr. Julia Marciari-Alexander expounds on how The Walters is looking to "art from the past to help us find calm in the fast-paced times of today." 

Saving the Bay

Oct 17, 2017
Michael Busada

Will Baker, president of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation discusses the organization's efforts to protect the bay.

Cleaning Up the Harbor

Oct 11, 2017

Michael "Mike" Hankin, President and CEO at Brown Advisory tells us about the efforts to clean up Baltimore's harbor, which he plans to swim across in 2020.

Confronting the Sites of Confederate Monuments

Oct 3, 2017

Samuel Hoi, president of the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, offers a follow-up plan for what to do with the vacant sites of Confederate monuments. 

Controlling the Costs of Medications

Sep 27, 2017

Dr. Redonda Miller, president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital shares this week's commentary.

The Importance of Baltimore's Creative Hub

Sep 20, 2017

Dr. Julia Marciari-Alexander, executive director of The Walters Art Museum speaks about the role of Baltimore's creative economy in the success of the city. 

Poverty to Prosperity

Sep 12, 2017

Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, pastor of Union Baptist Church joins us this week to talk about moving people past poverty. 

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Aug 29, 2017

Dr. "Kaye" Wise Whitehead on why we should "do more acting than reflecting and more activism than conversation."

Upholding Universal Values

Aug 22, 2017

Josh Fidler reflects on his commentaries and his "communitarian" perspective. 

Improving Educational Outcomes

Aug 18, 2017

Sarah Hemminger of Thread explains why "we need to think about learning as more than just a nine month endeavor."

Burrell: "It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over"

Aug 9, 2017
apox apox/flickr

Chet Burrell, President and CEO of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield reflects on what steps can be taken to stabilize the healthcare market.

Creating a Skilled Workforce

Aug 2, 2017

M&T Bank polled small businesses owners about their outlook on the economy and 75% of small business owners say they continue to have problems finding skilled workers to fill their positions.

Augie Chiasera, senior vice president of M&T Bank Corporation, discusses how to create a skilled workforce that meets the demands of current and future employers. 

Making a Radical Change

Jul 26, 2017
Alan Cleaver/flickr

Dr. "Kaye" Wise Whitehead argues that Baltimore is in the midst of a war, but residents can turn things around. 


Jul 19, 2017

Josh Fidler on the 3 factors that make a compelling case for regional cooperation. 

Holding Space

Jul 11, 2017

Sarah Hemminger of Thread explains what "holding space" means, and how it helps in difficult times. 

Healthcare Taking a Step Back

Jul 5, 2017

"The country is dangerously close to taking a major step back in accessibility to healthcare coverage."

Chet Burrell, President and C.E.O. of CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, comments on cuts to Medicaid. 

The Road Ahead

Jun 28, 2017

Augie Chiasera discusses where the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore will focus its efforts going forward. 

On Revolutionary Mothering and Loving Baltimore

Jun 19, 2017

Karsonya "Dr. K" Whitehead shares her path to practicing revolutionary mothering and why she continues to do so in Baltimore City. 

Fairness in Markets

Jun 13, 2017

"More diverse participation creates better markets" says Josh Fidler. Listen to this commentary for more of his thoughts. 

The Importance of Relationships

Jun 6, 2017

What predicts healthy, happy aging? Several studies show the answer is relationships. Sarah Hemminger of Thread tells us about the importance of having diverse, quality relationships.

Changing this World, One Student at a Time

May 16, 2017
Seth Sawyers/flickr

Teaching is hard work. Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead tells us about the challenges she experienced as a Baltimore City public school teacher. 

Has Listening Gone Out of Favor?

May 9, 2017

Josh Fidler discuss how "oral gerrymandering" in public discourse has undermined institutions of civil society. 

Opioid Crisis

Apr 25, 2017

Chet Burrell on the drug abuse crisis of opioids and the steps taken to deter its growth.

An Expansion in Federal Contracts

Apr 18, 2017

Augie Chiasera comments on why Maryland businesses should be gearing up to take advantage of expanded federal contracting work.