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One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore

  • Hosted by Theo Hill

Host Theo Hill brings an interesting background to this podcast about addiction and recovery. He’s been in recovery himself for 19 years now, after struggling with a heroin addiction for much of his life. Today, Theo drives a truck for a living and also works as a certified counselor at Alcohol and Drug Intervention (ADI) in Glen Burnie. Join Theo and his guests for honest, intimate, and personal conversations about the lure of addiction, the toll it takes, and the strength required to overcome its grip.

I Didn't Know How To Stop: Elaine's Story

Mar 19, 2020

Fun and freedom went hand in hand with marijuana and LSD for Elaine when she was a teenager. Then came the amphetamines, which her doctor prescribed for a weight issue.

Life Starts Showing Up: Mary’s Story

Feb 12, 2020

Mary felt invisible when she was a kid. She was a middle child in a family preoccupied by multiple illnesses. She knows now that she was clinically depressed, but at the time, all she knew was that illicit drugs provided her some relief. After years of addiction, she got clean, had a good job, and a family, but a relapse threw her into a tailspin. She’s starting over now, again, with 20 months clean, and she talks with Theo about the highs and lows of her ongoing struggle.

At the beginning of each day, Rodney James says, “I’m going to save someone’s life today.” Rodney works as a peer recovery coach at Saint Agnes Health Institute, steering others onto the path of recovery. He’s traveled that path himself. Rodney talks with Theo about denial, shifting blame, relapse, and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have your best interests at heart.

Mike was introduced to alcohol by his older siblings and their friends at a party, and he fell in love. From there, it was on to illegally prescribed pills, until Mike’s addiction almost destroyed his liver and brought him to the brink of death.

I Died A Spiritual Death: Jack’s Journey

Oct 15, 2019

Jack was introduced to heroin at age nineteen. At the time, he was behind bars serving a prison sentence. He talks with Theo about the early manifestations of his addictive personality, his multiple incarcerations, and the progression of his disease over three decades. 

Nina was a college graduate with a successful corporate job. She was also bipolar and abusing alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.  Things came to a head when she lost her job, foreclosed on her house, and crashed her car. Intensive outpatient therapy gave Nina a new start, and she talks with Theo about lessons learned and the challenges and joys of living clean.

Theo and his guest, Al, originally met over a chessboard when they were incarcerated. Today, they’re both addiction recovery veterans who are passing along their wisdom and experience to a younger generation.

"I Use Pain as an Asset:" Truth from Todd

Jun 24, 2019

Theo’s guest, Todd, talks about the crutch of denial, the importance of staying humble, and the cold truth that recovering addicts just might have to work harder than other people to make a life for themselves. As Todd says, ‘The bigger the dream, the harder the grind.’

An Inward Journey: A Conversation with Warren

May 29, 2019

Theo talks with Warren, whose addictions progressed through alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and ultimately heroin. Today, Warren is a certified addiction counselor, and he shares his experiences and offers words of wisdom about learning how to let go and surrender to the recovery process.

Theo switches it up and talks drug policy with University of Baltimore President and former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, whose political career suffered in the late eighties and nineties on account of his controversial ideas about addiction as a public health issue, not a crime problem.

We all suffer the same thing: Wisdom from George

Mar 25, 2019

Theo’s guest, George, went to jail at a young age. While he was incarcerated, his father killed his mother. When he got out, his brother-in-law got him hooked on heroin. In the years that followed, he was shot, stabbed, and jailed multiple times. He sold dope, he stole, and he did whatever it took to get drugs. Today, he’s 34 years clean. George and Theo discuss the challenge of boredom that can come with sobriety, the temptation to replace one addiction for another, and the philosophical differences between abstinence and medically-assisted harm reduction approaches to recovery.

Theo welcomes Laura, who recounts the story of her struggle with heroin and crack cocaine. The resulting addiction cost her a nursing career, a house, her freedom, and her relationship with her parents and kids. Theo and Laura discuss anger at God, Jackpot Prayers, surrendering to addiction, and the importance of asking for help.

Theo makes his debut behind the mic, introduces himself, and shares his back-story of addiction, detox, and recovery. Theo’s guest, Glenn, talks about his own introduction to alcohol and drugs. Glenn got hooked on heroin at age 15 and spent the next several decades alternating between homelessness and incarceration. In 2008, he went into treatment. He’s been clean 10 years. Theo and Glenn talk about the concept of ‘unlearning,’ the challenge of dealing with cravings and drug dreams, and the benefits of service.