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The Morning Economic Report

Monday-Friday at 8:43 am

Anirban Basu, Chairman Chief Executive Officer of Sage Policy Group (SPG), is one of the Mid-Atlantic region's leading economic consultants.  Prior to founding SPG he was Chairman and CEO of Optimal Solutions Group, a company he co-founded and which continues to operate. Anirban has also served as Director of Applied Economics and Senior Economist for RESI, where he used his extensive knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic region to support numerous clients in their strategic decision-making processes.  Clients have included the Maryland Department of Transportation, St. Paul Companies, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Players Committee and the Martin O'Malley mayoral campaign.

He is the author of numerous regional publications including the Mid-Atlantic Economic Quarterly and Outlook Maryland. Anirban completed his graduate work in mathematical economics at the University of Maryland.  He earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University in 1992.  His Bachelors in Foreign Service is from Georgetown University and was earned in 1990.

On this week's podcast: federal deficits, Iran's economy, high credit scores, carbon emissions, and more.

On this week's podcast: economic despair and opioids, China's economic struggles, women in the workforce, and more. 

On the podcast this week: the irrelevance of the federal minimum wage, the limits of economic theory, the millennials are coming, and more!

Anirban reports on the General Motors' strike, the decline in home and car ownership, the impact of two Nobel Prize winner's work, the rise in tourism in some Southern cities, and how far $100 can go depending on where you live. 

Anirban reports on the recession America's manufacturing sector is facing, the Chinese economy, how to define a global recession, and more.  

Anirban reports on the problems of lending money to loved ones, class and wealth gaps, the decline in wages, America's growing trade deficit, and the deal-breaker of debt for young couples. 

This week, Anirban reports on:

  • the growing popularity of working remotely
  • the amount of equity available for homeowners
  • the growth of women-owned firms 
  • the difference in household income between congressional districts 
  • net immigration in the U.S. 

This week, Anirban reports on:

  • the outperforming U.S. economy
  • the impact of rising oil prices 
  • the 'Great Climate Retreat' 
  • the re-strengthening housing market 
  • the earning potential of STEM grads 

This week, Anirban reports on:

  • flat incomes
  • the declining poverty rate
  • rent caps in California
  • lending and global warming
  • unionization rights for teaching and research assistants

Anirban reports on the declining unemployment rate for African Americans, companies' efforts to attract more workers, the impact of the U.S.-China trade dispute on American households, and more. 

Anirban reports on the wealth that some Americans have--and have not recovered--since the recession, a pullback in spending among the wealthy, states offering financial incentives to attract new residents, labor force participation rates, and more. 

Anirban reports on the chances of a global economic recession, the recession that the U.S. manufacturing sector is already in, long-run U.S. economy growth, and more. 

Anirban reports on the federal minimum wage, the global economy, rapid compensation growth of corporate executives, and more. 

Anirban reports on support for the minimum wage, the American Time Use Survey, the federal budget deficit, how Chinese tariffs will increase the price of women and girls' clothing, and rising student debt.

Anirban reports on the top states to retire, the importance of understanding contractual language, booming auto sales in America, Bitcoin's rising value, plastic bag bans around the world. 

Anirban reports on the need for insurance to innovate, the top cities attracting Millenials, the slowdown in business investment and more. 

Anirban reports on the decline in America's life expectancy, Europe's demographic decline, labor market performance measurements, disparities between communities, and which occupations have the highest level of job satisfaction.

Anirban reports on the job market, the impact of a rise in the minimum wage, difficulties in amassing savings based on location, and more. 

Anirban discusses the decline in homeownership, household wealth, Hispanic women in the job market, and more. 

The Reports: July 1-5

Jul 5, 2019

Anirban reports on the weakening global economy, the decline in manufacturing activity, the value of a college degree, the evolution of the work week, and the automation risk to jobs. 

Anirban reports on disappearing middle-income households, Generation Z in the job market, the impact of climate change on tech profitability, taxes on soda, and Americans buying property in London. 

Anirban reports on community banks, where to find good-paying jobs that don't require a college degree, the next economic downturn, young single mothers in the workforce, and the stress money puts on marriages. 

The Reports: May 27-31

May 31, 2019

Anirban reports on average hourly earnings, the dwindling number of new entrants to the real estate market,  large  metropolitan areas losing population, Americans struggling to meet expenses, and those struggling to save for retirement. 

The Reports: May 20-24

May 24, 2019

Anirban gives us the latest on the U.S. economy's solid performance, manufacturing output in the U.S., interest rates on credit cards, the U.S. fertility rate decline, and the rise of foreign born workers. 

The Reports: May 13-17

May 17, 2019

Anirban gives us the latest on top-paying occupations without a degree, wage growth, where young people are buying homes, and changes to how the government monitors the economy. 

The Reports: May 6-10

May 10, 2019

Anirban reports on Americans' tax cuts, factors resulting in women's pay and seniority gaps, 'greedy professions,' the effect of climate change on economic growth, and California's economic strength. 

Anirban comments on India's rapidly growing workforce, the divying up of associated income, the popularity of workplace wellness programs, growing local minimum wages, and soaring plane ticket costs. 

Anirban reports on the wages of low-skilled workers, support for redistributive policies, markups of companies in various economies, economic growth in Los Angeles, and the Australian economy. 

A weekly rundown on the reports from Anirban Basu covering topics such as taxes, declining use of cash, the Japanese yen and more.

Anirban reports on a variety of economic indicators including lipstick sales and pet thefts, the debate on whether rideshare drivers should be employees or independent contractors, the aging of society, Japan's government debt, the college admissions edge of the wealthy.