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Higher Purpose

  • Hosted by Yasmene Mumby

What follows is a counter to the narrative about the people of Baltimore. It's the story of Turnaround Tuesday -- the jobs movement for and with Baltimore’s residents who have been excluded from earning a living, years after incarceration. It's the story of change hidden beneath the headlines about our city. It's a story of Baltimore that only Baltimore can tell. And we intend to tell it like it is.

Higher Purpose is a 4 episode audiodocumentary series written, produced, and narrated by Yasmene Mumby.

Audio production, mixing, and music score by Justin Mayfield. Mural Art: "However Far the Stream Flows, It Never Forgets It's Source" by Tom Miller at 1339 E North Ave in Baltimore, MD. Cover art by Ed Ryan.

Agency Episode 4

Feb 26, 2020

Every Tuesday, Pastor Prentice and the Turnaround Tuesday staff foster a deep repair of community in a city of systems that can mercilessly come down hard on people’s spirits. Radiants of power, dignity, and agency, journey with participants David and Octavia as they give the jobs movement a try.

Photo of a Darley Park Mural by @whitney_gracefrazier taken by @baltimurals.

Dignity Episode 3

Feb 26, 2020

What distinguishes Turnaround Tuesday from other workforce development efforts? It's a jobs movement for one, not a jobs program. A jobs movement focused on people, where participants feel valued and heard. How do they do what they do? Why is Turnaround Tuesday successful? Bear witness to this movement's way of being that leaves people whole again, standing in their greatness, restored of their dignity.

Photo of @urbanhipsta "Learn, Grow, Evolve" taken by @baltimurals.

Power Episode 2

Feb 26, 2020

How did a jobs proposal intent on helping people with criminal records gain employment grow into a go-to workforce development organization? The power of organized people is how. Turnaround Tuesday, the successful jobs movement embracing participants to recognize their own power, almost became the movement that never was. Find out how.

Photo taken by @baltimurals of vacant homes before ReBuild Metro's rehabilitation and construction in the Oliver neighborhood.

Hope Anchored by Faith Episode 1

Feb 26, 2020

Turnaround Tuesday's staff meets people where they are. Follow Turnaround Tuesday's Administrative Assistant JC while she recruits potential participants at the Avenue Market in West Baltimore.  Unexpectedly, Yasmene finds herself in the story about the movement to get Baltimore back to work when she crosses paths with someone special.