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This program has been suspended until further notice due to Mr. Warnock announcing his candidacy for Baltimore Mayor.

Every week David Warnock will welcome guests who have come up with innovative ideas and developed creative programs to address problems in Baltimore.  You can listen to "Baltimore's Future" every Thursday at 8:45 am.

To learn more, visit Warnock Foundation's website.  Some episodes may feature Baltimore Social Innovation Journal honorees, you can learn more about their work here.

On today's "Baltimore's Future," David Warnock speaks with Nina Beth Cardin, head of the Baltimore Orchard Project. 

The Knight Foundation

In this episode of "Baltimore's Future," David Warnock speaks with Benoit (Ben) Wirz, who is the director of Venture Investments for the Knight Foundation. Warnock and Wirz discuss the Knight Foundation's Enterprise Fund which provides venture funding for media innovation. 

In honor of the special connection built on horse racing tradition between Maryland and Kentucky, on today’s episode of  ‘Baltimore’s Future,’ David Warnock will have a special guest for the next three weeks: Jerry Abramson, former Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky and current Lieutenant Governor of the state of Kentucky.

All three parts posted below. 

Michael Cross-Barnet

On today's "Baltimore's Future" David Warnock speaks with Riyaz Gayasaddin about installing vertical gardens in Baltimore schools. 

Jay L. Baker, courtesy Governor's Press Office

On today’s Baltimore’s Future, David Warnock speaks with Ted Dallas, Secretary of the Department of Human Resources. They discuss the Department’s evolution in its approach to collect child support. 

Katie Simmons-Barth

On today's episode of "Baltimore's Future," David Warnock speaks with Deana Haggag, director of The Contemporary, a nomadic Baltimore museum.

Haggag defines nomadic museums, and discusses one historic Baltimore location where she would like to place an exhibit.

Christy Zuccarini

On today's episode of Baltimore's Future with David Warnock, David speaks with Karen Stokes, Executive Director of the Greater Homewood Community Corporation

They discuss providing construction jobs for Baltimore residents. 

Jim Sandoz

Today, David Warnock speaks with Kris Burnett, board member with the Edmondson Village Community Association. They discuss community organizing in Baltimore.

Burnett is a Baltimore Social Innovation Journal Award winner. You can read more about his work here

John Oliver

Today David Warnock speaks with Gretchen LeGrand, co-founder of Code in the Schools, a non-profit that brings computer coding and programming to Baltimore City students.

Christy Zuccarini

Today, David Warnock speaks with Chris Wilson, director of workforce development for Greater Homewood Community Corporation. In his many roles, Wilson is working to create job opportunities for disadvantaged Baltimoreans.

Wilson's work was featured in the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal. You can read more about Wilson's work and his story, here.

Michael Cross-Barnet

Today on "Baltimore's Future," David Warnock speaks with Jerrie Kumalah, who is working on a project to redefine Baltimore alleys. 

Kumalah's work was highlighted in the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal. You can see pictures of 'living alleys' and 'green alleys' here

Today David speaks with Andy Frank, Johns Hopkins University Special Adviser to the President on Economic Development. They discuss Hopkins' Homewood Community Partnership Initiative.

Baltimore Social Innovation Journal

In this episode, David Warnock speaks with Morgan Grove, research scientist for the U.S.D.A Forest Service. Grove is a self-described 'social ecologist' and studies the impact of trees upon residents' quality of life.

Baltimore Social Innovation Journal

David’s guest today is Carol Ott, director of Housing Policy Watch. Ott, the founder of the website Baltimore Slumlord Watch, is working on a new project focused on commercial properties.


February 6, 2014

David talks to Adam Gross, principal of Ayers Saint Gross, about The Inner Harbor Plan 2.0.

The Greater Baltimore Committee and the Waterfront Partnership retained Ayers Saint Gross to take a look at The Inner Harbor, and come up with some ideas to revitalize the waterfront area. 


Editor B/flickr

January 30, 2014

Today David welcomes Marietta English, president of the Baltimore Teachers Union. As BTU helped craft the 2010 teachers contract, English talks about the progress that has been made and looks toward the future. 

Harry Bosk

David Warnock welcomes Stephanie Geller, a research associate with the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland, for a conversation about how local institutions can build businesses in surrounding communities.

 January 16, 2014

In the premiere episode of "Baltimore's Future," David Warnock welcomes Brooke Hall, Justin Allen and Lindsey Davis, three people involved with Light City, a movement to bring a world-class light festival to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.