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Retirement Blunders to Avoid

401(K) 2012/flickr

A US News article identifies 10 major retirement blunders.  Here they are. 

#1 – not having a plan for your money once you retire. Many people prepare for retirement, and then don’t take steps to manage their cash flow during it.

#2 – forgetting about inflation while you are making your plans. 

#3 – failing to save enough money for retirement – ok, that one is obvious.

#4 – raiding your retirement accounts early.  

#5 – getting emotional about your investments – for instance, selling all your stocks during market downturns or jumping on what appear to be hot stocks.

#6 – investing too conservatively. You need enough return on investment to live comfortably in retirement. 

#7 – missing your employer’s 401k match. Take full advantage of your 401k or similar plans.

#8 – allowing all of your retirement money to be taxable. An alternative to taxable funds is a Roth IRA. Ask a financial advisor if you face this issue.

#9 – underestimating healthcare expenses. Experts say that people typically underestimate their healthcare costs. 

#10 – filing for Social Security too early. While one can begin receiving benefits as early as the age of 62, there are significant advantages to waiting. The government supplies retirees an extra 8 percent for every year they wait to claim benefits up to the age of 70. It might be time for you to resolve not to make these blunders in the New Year.