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Why Homeschool?

Nov 28, 2016

Credit JIMMIE / Flickr via Creative Commons

Fall is here and the school year is well under way. But some parents don’t have to worry about packing a lunch or getting their kids to the bus stop on time. They are homeschoolers, and nationwide, they’re a growing demographic. In Maryland, there are about 27,000 homeschooled kids. What motivates parents to homeschool? Is homeschooling possible in households with working parents? What are the benefits, and the challenges? 

Our guests: Brittany Williams homeschools her three children, ages 16, 13, and 10. She also helps run the Baltimore Homeschool Community Center, an organization that provides social and educational opportunities for homeschooled children. Marcia Simonetti also joined us. Her 16-year-old daughter has never attended school. Original air date: October 25, 2016