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When Might Your Child Get The Covid 19 Vaccine?

Feb 4, 2021

Credit Marco Verch / Flickr

More doses of vaccines are coming to Maryland--but only for adults. No Covid vaccine yet exists for anyone younger than 16.  University of Maryland pediatrics professor Dr. James Campbell, an expert on infectious diseases and testing vaccines, predicts there could be a vaccine for younger teens later this spring and for grade-school-age kids in the summer. Meanwhile, he urges adults to get a Covid vaccine, and:  “Get your children vaccinated with all the routine vaccinations now, before everything opens back up.” And Annapolis pediatricians Katherine Edwards and Jim Rice say primary-care doctors can help the vaccine rollout now. Rice: “Given that vaccination is such a core part of our function -- we do it and we do it well -- we’re watching this and we’re saying, how can we help?”

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