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What the Marquis de Lafayette Thought of Maryland

Apr 28, 2014

Ben Goldman, who portrays the Marquis de Lafayette, and Alan Hoffman, who translated a diary of the Marquis's farewell tour throughout the US.

The Marquis de Lafayette first came to America from France as a young man, landing in South Carolina in 1777.  He took part in the Revolutionary War, becoming great friends with George Washington.  He went back to France, and returned to the US again when he was in his 60s, where he did a Farewell Tour in 1824 and 1825. He visited many places, including Maryland.  His secretary, Auguste Levasseur, kept a journal while on that trip. 

Alan Hoffman has completed the first unabridged English translation of that Journal. It’s available as a book, called Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825.  Ben Goldman is an actor who portrays the Marquis de Lafayette.  Tom Hall talks with both of them.

Alan Hoffman will be giving a presentation at the All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Frederick this Saturday, May 3rd at 3:00. It's being put on by Preservation Maryland.  You can learn more here.