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Waverly Tavern's Liquor License is Suspended for a Week

Sep 14, 2018

Waverly Tavern's bar
Credit Dominique Maria Bonessi

Baltimore City’s Liquor Board Waverly Tavern’s liquor license for a week and fined the establishment $2,500 Thursday afternoon.

Waverly Tavern owner, Shekhar Karki was charged with six violations reported by the city police department since April. Stephan Fogleman, Karki’s lawyer, argued officials have had a magnifying glass-focus on the bar.

“Unfortunately, this bar—I think it’s been safe to say—that this bar has been inspected more than any other bar in Baltimore in the last five months,” says Fogleman.

The violations included: customers loitering outside the liquor store and bar with open containers of alcohol, gambling, an inoperable bar, and the lack of working emergency lights and fire extinguishers.

The Waverly Improvement Association and neighborhood residents have been trying to get the board to revoke or suspend the license for years.

Alina Lightchaser, co-president of the association, says she’d like to continue documenting loiterers outside the establishment.

“This is a really nice experiment to see what will happen,” say Lightchaster. “Once the establishment is close for a week, will the violence and the chaos diminish I’m very interested to find out.”

The tavern will still be open, but will not be able to sell alcohol. The community association and bar owner are expected to meet Monday to discuss what changes the community would like to see for the establishment.