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Toy Piano, Anne Thomas, Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald, and “Charlotte”

Apr 3, 2014

Toy piano composer David Smooke, Anne Thomas at The Stoop, “An Evening with Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald,” and the short film “Charlotte”

David Smooke at his home, tickling the (mini) ivories

When you ask David Smooke what he plays, he smiles at you, and he says humbly, “I play a little piano.”  Smooke is Chair of the Music Theory Department at Peabody Conservatory, and his instrument of choice is something you might find in the toy aisle.  Producer Aaron Henkin paid a visit to Smooke’s home to hear him play ‘a little piano,’ and he brings us this profile.


Here’s a little story to quell the ire of any traveler who ever suffered an injustice at the hands of the airline industry.  Anne Thomas told this tale to a live audience at Centerstage on March 31st as part of the Stoop Storytelling Series.

The Fitzgeralds, smiling for the camera

Thursday evening, April 10th, The University of Baltimore will host a celebration of one of the most iconic couples of the Jazz Age. An Evening with Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald will feature readings of The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night, personal letters, a short story by Zelda, and observations about the couple by Ernest Hemingway and E. L. Doctorow.   UB professor Jonathan Shorr is organizing the event, and he and some of the participants discuss the show with The Signal’s Lisa Morgan. 

Zayden Bates, Angel Kristi Williams, and Brianna Cormier at the WYPR studios

A Los Angeles film crew has been shooting a new movie here in Baltimore, but you’ll be forgiven if you didn’t notice.  There was no high-profile fanfare, no celebrity sightings, none of the usual Hollywood buzz – just a small, dedicated team, shooting on a modest budget with a cast that stars two teenage girls.  Charlotte is the name of the short film, and the writer / director is Angel Kristi Williams.  Williams and her two young stars drop in with producer Aaron Henkin