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Stouts and Porters for Winter

Feb 27, 2019

Cold nippy weather is the perfect season for warm hearty ales like stout and porter. Hugh makes a survey of some of his favorites. Click the link to purchase Cellar Notes recommendations at Kenilworth Wine & Spirits.


The Beers

Quality key:  * = decent wine   ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine   ****= elite 

All beers listed below are less than $15 per six/four  pack.

Bell's "Robust" Porter ***       

Sam Smith "Taddy" Porter **   

Sam Smith "Oatmeal" Stout **1/2       

Guinness "Extra" Stout ***

Left Hand "Nitro" Milk Stout **1/2        

Heavy Seas "Peg Leg" Stout  **1/2

North Coast "Old Rasputin"  Russian Imperial Stout **1/2

Troegs "Java Head" Stout  **           

Heavy Seas "Blackbeard's Breakfast" Stout ***  

Founder's "Breakfast" Stout **

All of these beers can be purchased at Kenilworth Wine and Spirits.

Click on the bottle for direct ordering and home delivery.