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Stoop Squared: Pushing Past Prejudice

Jul 5, 2019

Credit Stoop Storytelling Series

Today, we’re sharing two pieces from the Stoop Storytelling Series, a live storytelling event in Baltimore, produced by Jessica Myles Henkin and Laura Wexler.

Here are two stories from women who faced hardship because of the color of their skin, and persevered in the face of mistreatment.

Charly Carter gave up a rent-controlled apartment in New York City to pursue a job with a U.S Senate campaign. She shares a story about how her dream job turned into a nightmare.

Then, Priya Mysore spent two years in the Peace Corps, serving in Cambodia. She describes how the color of her skin was initially a barrier to bonding with her host family.

If you like hearing multiple Stoop Stories centered around a theme, check out the Stoop Storytelling Series podcast. And catch the next live performance at the Creative Alliance on July 25th. The theme will be: “Truth and Lies: An Evening of Stories and Magic”.