Sojourne | WYPR


Feb 21, 2014

Trina Coleman
Sojourne is a Baltimore based band whose style is informed by the classical training of the woman who fronts it, Trina Coleman. Trina and her husband Zachary teamed-up with drummer Steve McGrath and bassist Tim Long to form Sojourne in 2013.  

It’s been six years since Rolling Stone Magazine named Baltimore the city with the best music scene in America.  Since then, there’s been no shortage of new bands and venues becoming part of that scene, and Sojourne is certainly one of the bands that’s making its mark.  Their CD is called Due Time.  Three of the four members of the band, Trina Coleman, Zachary Coleman and Steve McGrath are with me in the studio this morning.   You can catch Sojourne tonight at Joe Squared in Station North here in Baltimore.  Their first set starts at 7:00.