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The Signal: 2.7.14

Feb 6, 2014

remembering Baltimore’s own Monuments Man; a punk rock love story from The Stoop; and a visit with strip-dancer-turned-novelist Margo Christie  

  Hollywood's Monuments Men opens in theaters across the country this weekend, and the World War II adventure movie promises to do for art historians what Indiana Jones did for archeologists - make them heroes.  The big difference, though?  The Monuments Men actually existed.  One of them, it turns out, came from Baltimore, and producer Aaron Henkin shares his story.



  Modern Love was the theme at February’s live storytelling event, The Stoop, where seven women took their turns sharing tales about 21st-century romance, in front of a live audience at Center Stage.  One of those storytellers was Violet LeVoit.  Until a few years ago, the film critic, arts journalist and fiction writer was better known to the world as Violet Glaze.
Margo Christie, in 1982
Margo Christie became a strip-dancer on The Block when she was a teenager in the 1970s.  She’s written a novel, These Days, based on her experiences in the red-light district, and Aaron Henkin talks with her about ‘bearing all’ as a confessional writer.