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The Signal: 1.17.14

Jan 16, 2014

MLK Street Projects, Ben Keenes Brewery Tour stop in Baltimore, a Story from the Stoop and more.

As the nation gets ready to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, radio and TV stations will once again roll out their annual loop of sound-bytes from the civil rights leader’s famous 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.  But a group of creative young filmmakers invite us to look at Dr. King’s legacy through a different lens - the streets that bear his name.  The Signal’s Aaron Henkin talks with the minds behind The MLK Streets Project.  



  On his travel and food blog, Where and Back, Ben Keene lists five good reasons to visit a brewery in 2014. He should know. In researching his new book, The Great Northeast Brewery Tour, Keene toured 62 breweries from New England to the Mid-Atlantic.  His visit to Baltimore included a stop at The Brewer’s Art, one of the earliest craft breweries in Baltimore. Brewer’s Art co-founder Volker Stewart and Ben Keene join The Signal’s Lisa Morgan to talk about the latest trends in modern American brewing.



Do not ask Andrew Reiner to 'like' you on Facebook.
  There’s a class at Towson University this year called, The Search for Intimacy in the Age of Facebook, and no… it’s not an online dating primer.  Andrew Reiner teaches the class (when he can manage to get his students to look up from their phones), and he joins us to share the results of a seemingly simple experiment…


Marye Isaacs, telling her story at The Stoop (photo credit: Dan Kempner)
  The urge to present a ‘perfect cyber-self’ is not just the purview of twenty-somethings snapping glamorous ‘selfies’ at nightclubs.  Different demographics have different notions of social perfection, and they all manage to find their way onto Facebook.  Marye Isaacs shared this confession in front of a live audience at Centerstage as part of the Stoop Storytelling series.