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Red Cross Sets Up To Aid Explosion Victims

Aug 10, 2020

Authorities guide a person after an explosion in Baltimore on Monday, Aug. 10, 2020. Baltimore firefighters say an explosion has leveled several homes in the city.
Credit AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The explosion that leveled three homes on Labyrinth Road Monday morning damaged others in the neighborhood as well. But it might not be clear for a while how many, nor how badly.

And Paul Carden, a disaster relief specialist with the Red Cross, says that’s where they come in.

First, they set up a reception center behind the Applebee’s in the Reisterstown Road Plaza to provide sandwiches, water, ice and a place for people to get out of the heat.

And then they went to work with city officials on figuring out what they need to do next for those displaced by the blast.

“How many families are actually displaced,” he asked. “Where are we going to put them tonight? Is it a shelter? Or is it a hotel?”

Although the initial impact destroyed three houses, the surrounding homes received blast damage as well and city officials were still trying to determine the extent of that damage.

“We have houses across from there and left and right where we see window have been shattered, blown out,” Carden says. “We’re not sure yet about the structural integrity of those houses to the left and right of it.”

He says anyone who wants to help should make a donation to the Red Cross. They’re still distributing supplies and providing housing to victims of Tropical Storm Isaias, and Carden says the when the next disaster strikes they want to be able to respond without worrying about covering their expenses.