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From Prison to Achieving His “Master Plan”

Feb 5, 2019

Chris Wilson's new memoir is "The Master Plan"
Credit Christy Zuccarini

We are all better than our worst decision. That’s the message of “The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose,” a memoir by Chris Wilson.

At 17, Wilson was sentenced to life in prison. Behind bars, he reflected on his troubled upbringing and focused on building a positive future. Wilson details his improbable path to freedom and the challenges he’s faced since returning home.

He will be in conversation with Wes Moore on Saturday at 7 pm, at an Ivy Bookshop event hosted by the Church of the Redeemer - 5603 N Charles Street.

You can also see Chris Wilson's art at an exhibit at the Peale Center. Or at the American Visionary Art Museum's exhibit "PARENTING: An Art without a Manual," through September  1.