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The Perfect Hamburger

Oct 8, 2019


Watching a Ravens game is very much a sacred ritual for me. I have to have my man cave set up just right.  I have to have the right beverage and of course, I have to have the right food. So of course several times a season I fix up some hamburgers for the crowd. They're usually pretty good, and nobody complains. I told Chef Jerry Pellegrino that I could be doing better. So he came up with just a few simple hints that should really help.

Fat Content:  70/30 for burgers medium rare to medium well.  More fat for well done, less for rare

The Grind: it should be twice ground through a medium blade

The Blend: you want to use both lean muscle and fatty muscle.

Lean: chuck, round or brisket

Fatty: short rib or bacon

Shaping : it’s good to get a patty press. And let the burger fit the size of the bun, neither too small nor too big.

Cooking : grilling or cast iron skillet

Turning:  flip the burger no more than four times, and do not press down.

Serving up:  put a leaf of lettuce face up on the bottom bun. Put the burger on top of it. This keeps the burger juice from leaking into the bun, where it loses flavor.

-Al Spoler