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Paul Rucker’s REWIND, Mobtown Doulas, and Starbux Diary

Feb 5, 2015

We visit with artist Paul Rucker on the eve of his solo exhibition, REWIND; we meet Mobtown Doulas Carla Paisley and Emily Leffler-Schulman; and Christine Ferrera shares from her Starbux Diary.

Paul Rucker
  To call Paul Rucker a multidisciplinary artist is an understatement.  His solo exhibition, REWIND, opens February 7th at the Creative Alliance, and it’s big.  Installation art, sculpture, musical composition, film, video, animation, and data visualization combine to cover a full three thousand square feet on two floors of gallery space.  The Signal’s Aaron Henkin drops in for a preview.
  We hear a lot these days about people getting back to basics - canning and fermenting vegetables, knitting and crocheting, gardening and composting. But what about… having babies? Producer Lisa Morgan brings us this story about the Mobtown Doulas' modern approach to an age old practice.
Christine Ferrera at The Stoop
  We’re going to share a story now from a very talented artist and comedian who, coincidentally, used to work as a volunteer producer on this very radio program.  Her name is Christine Ferrera.  She did great work for our show, but frankly, what she did with the rest of her time had always been a bit of a mystery to us.  Then, she got invited up the microphone at a Stoop Storytelling event, and she spilled the beans (so to speak) about a little art project that’d been keeping her quite busy.  Keep in mind, Christine told this story a while ago now – it was back in 2006 – and after we give this a listen, we catch up in-studio with our old friend to hear how things have been going for her since then.