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Pandemic Gives Rise To Racism Against Chinese Americans

UMBC's Dr. Charissa Cheah

This program was originally broadcast live on July 16, 2020.

Asian Americans have infection rates that are slightly higher than whites, but for the Asian community, the deleterious effects of the Coronavirus pandemic also include an increase in xenophobia and anti-Asian racism.  

Dr. Charissa Cheah, and a group of professors at University of Maryland, Baltimore County have studied the prevalence of such racism against the Chinese-American community. She joins Tom with details of their findings. 

Dr. Charissa Cheah is a professor of psychology at UMBC. She received a National Science Foundation Rapid Response Research Award this spring to research the effects of racism toward the Chinese-American community during the pandemic. You can read the full report, COVID-19 Racism and Mental Health in Chinese American Families, here.