Out of the Blocks II: 400 E. Patapsco | WYPR

Out of the Blocks II: 400 E. Patapsco

Jan 5, 2015

photos by Wendel Patrick

Signal producer Aaron Henkin and electronic musician Wendel Patrick stay true to form in this second installment of their award-winning audio documentary series, Out of the Blocks.  

The concept:  One hour of radio, one city block, everybody’s story.

Henkin’s interviews blend with Patrick’s original music to generate an evocative collage of lives in juxtaposition: octogenarian pigeon racers, evangelizing barbers, philosophical convenience-store clerks, reformed and not-so-reformed drug dealers, aspiring hip hop musicians, mothers, daughters, and everybody else who agreed to share their stories on the 400 block of East Patapsco Avenue in South Baltimore’s Brooklyn neighborhood. Check out a photo gallery from the project, and hear other episodes of Out of the Blocks, at www.wendelpatrick.com.