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Olszewski Wins Recount In Baltimore County Executive Race

Jul 14, 2018

Recount at Baltimore County Board of Elections
Credit John Lee

For the second time, former Delegate Johnny Olszewski has won the vote count in the race for the Democratic nomination for Baltimore County Executive.




Olszewski Saturday won a recount of the vote, defeating State Senator Jim Brochin by a 17 vote margin. Brochin requested the recount. The first time the votes were counted in the primary election, Brochin lost by nine votes.


The recount took place over three days at the Baltimore County Board of Elections office in Hunt Valley. Each ballot was counted by hand, while observers from the campaigns watched.


Olszewski received 27,820 votes to Brochin's 27,803. County Councilwoman Vicki Almond was about 1,000 votes behind.


On Saturday, there was some confusion when election workers were finding ballots where votes in only some races had been counted. That led to the recount being halted for a few minutes. That was  sorted out when it was determined those ballots had been cast by people who went to the wrong voting place.


For instance, if someone living outside the county mistakenly voted in Baltimore County, their votes in statewide races like governor and attorney general were still counted. But if they voted in the county executive race, that specific vote was thrown out.


State Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer Jr. won the Republican primary for county executive easily defeating Delegate Pat McDonough.