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A mural to remember Freddie Gray, and a historic tour of Hampden

May 14, 2015

Conversations from the corner of Mount & Presbury Streets, where a new mural memorializes Freddie Gray; and a tour through a historical 19th century mill village in Hampden

  Street-artist Nether is putting up a mural at the corner of Mount and Presbury Streets, the same West Baltimore intersection where Freddie Gray was taken into police custody.  The mural commemorates Gray’s subsequent death and the movement for justice that followed.  Aaron Henkin visits the corner and talks with friends of Freddie Gray about what it’s like to see him honored on a wall along with images of historic civil rights leaders and current-day protestors.  CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THIS AND OTHER COMMUNITY ART PROJECTS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.
The Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden is known these days as a shopping and dining destination, but it is also home to a notably intact 19th century mill village. The Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance has put together a series of five self-guided walking tours that take you behind the scenes and into the rich history of the area, with visits to both well-known landmarks and some lesser-known but equally fascinating locales.  The Signal’s Lisa Morgan, a self-proclaimed history nerd and nature enthusiast, laced up her hiking boots and went to see some of the sites. 
A letter from a listener:  Patti Maslinoff writes in response to an interview we aired with writer Ann Bracken.  Bracken spoke about difficult experiences with ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), and our listener offers a clarification.  Hear Bracken’s original remarks and Maslinoff’s response here: