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'Midday' Live at The Lewis: A Focus on Reparations

Aug 19, 2019

Midday, Live at the Lewis: Tom Hall,Ray Winbush, E.R. Shipp, Adjoe A. Aiyetoro.
Credit Photo by Heidi Sheppard/WYPR

Today, an archive edition of Midday, a show that we broadcast on Juneteenth, from the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of MD African American History and Culture in downtown Baltimore. Our topic was Reparations. 

Scholars, legislators and several Democratic presidential candidates have considered different ways to confront slavery’s legacy of socio-economic inequality. 

Last June, we talked about it in front of an audience at the Lewis Museum with Director Jackie Copeland, Professor Ray Winbush, columnist ER Shipp and Attorney Adjoa A. Aiyetoro.


What does America owe those who are descended from enslaved people?  Who would qualify, and what form might reparations take?  Who would decide?   Can America atone for the sin of slavery?

Our conversation was recorded earlier, so we can’t take your calls and comments.   

This program originally aired on Wednesday June 19th.