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Mera Kitchen Cooks Up Confidence

Dec 14, 2018

From left: Aishah AlFadhalah, Iman Alshehab, Brittany DeNovellis, Emily Lerman and Liliane Makole.

Savoring flavors and conversation over a meal can bridge cultures and bring people together. Today we learn how the Mera Kitchen Collective puts that idea in action. Two of its co-founders -- Liliane Makole and Aishah Alfadhalah -- tell us what’s behind the community-driven, food-based cooperative and how it empowers refugee and immigrant women by tapping into their passion for cooking, expressing goals and creating community.

Mera Kitchen's next event, Refugee and Immigrants Arts Feast, is Sunday, Dec. 16, from 4-7pm. They're having a hygiene fund drive as well, collecting things that aren't available with food stamps like diapers, toothpaste, deoderant, etc. Visit this link for more info.

There are so many places to support local artisans this weekend! Here are a few suggestions:

Sixth Annual Art Market ++ Great Goods Holiday Market ++  2nd Annual Polish Christmas Foods Sale ++ 

Christmas Village in Baltmore ++ First District Shop Local Challenge Kick Off ++ Oliver Street Holiday Open Studios