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Mental Health For The Holidays

Nov 25, 2020

Credit Michael Peirce/Flickr Creative Commons

Though meals will be planned, gifts exchanged, and lights kindled, many of our loved ones will be missing from around our tables this holiday season. We ask Dr. Aliya Jones, Maryland’s Deputy Health Secretary, what to watch for regarding emotional wellness during this time and how we can help ourselves and those we care about. Plus, we talk with executive director Rabbi Dena Shaffer and Peer Leadership Fellow Emily Schloss from 4Front, a hub for Jewish teens, to hear how young people are training to help each other through the pandemic.

BHA Links: 2-1-1 press 1, MD Mind Health, Baltimore Co. Crisis Response, Baltimore City Crisis Response, Behavioral Health Administration Maryland, Operation Roll Call 1-877-770-4801, Helping the Helpers, Recovery Support during the pandemic.

4Front: Mental Health Support and Guidance for Teens.