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Maryland Film Festival preview, and Devociones y Fe

May 2, 2014

Film Critic Josh Slates previews the 2014 Maryland film Festival with guests John Waters, Chris LaMartina, and others; Bret Jaspers profiles the community art exhibition Devociones y Fe

The 2014 Maryland Film Festival is right around the corner, and film critic Josh Slates joins Aaron Henkin for a look ahead at the highlights.  They visit with John Waters, who’ll be hosting the Catherine Breillat movie, Abuse of Weakness.  They talk with horror-movie-maker Chris LaMartina, whose film, Call Girl of Cthulhu, unleashes a working girl bent on the destruction of humankind.  They check in with Michael Tully about his Ocean City teen comedy, Ping Pong Summer.  And they preview the revival screening of Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky.  Also featured:  Happy Christmas director Joe Swanberg, and Wild Canaries producer Sophia Takal.
Yesenia Mejia made this piñata for the exhibition, Devociones y Fe
Devotion. Faith. Identity. These weighty topics are the stuff of a graduate school seminar or a museum exhibit.  They’re also the stuff of everyday art that’s all around us, art inspired by questions of faith and made by our neighbors and friends. WYPR producer and Signal contributor Bret Jaspers brings us the story of a young curator who’s mounting a community art exhibition called Devociones y Fe. It honors and celebrates the devotional keepsakes of Latinos in Southeast Baltimore.