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Less is More: Tiny Homes and Affordable Housing

Nov 15, 2017

This month on Future City – the average house size in America is somewhere around twenty-six-hundred square feet... but many people are saying “no” to “bigger is better” – instead opting to live in so-called “tiny homes” – some as small as one-hundred-eighty square feet… Wes talks with people so passionate about this movement they made a podcast out of it – The Tiny House Podcast – along with social innovators looking to use tiny homes as a solution to homelessness. 

Guests on this episode include:

Michelle Boyle and Perry Gruber, Hosts of the The Tiny House Podcast

Rex Hohlbein, Founder of the Block Project, and Sara Vander Zanden, Managing Director of Facing Homelessness

Greg Cantori, pro-bono tiny home consultant for the Baltimore non-profit Civic Works.