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Larry Hogan, Candidate for Governor

Apr 28, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan.
Credit Courtesy of the Hogan Campaign

There are less than two months until the state-wide primary in Maryland.  Over the next few weeks on our show, we'll hear from all of the major candidates in statewide races.  Next week, we’ll be hearing from those vying for the Democratic nomination for Governor.  This week, we hear from those looking to represent the GOP.  

One of those people is Larry Hogan.  He is a real estate broker and the founder and chairman of the watchdog group “Change Maryland.”  He lives in Edgewater, in Anne Arundel County.  Sheilah Kast talks with him about why he's running for governor.  You can learn more about his campaign here, and see a list of all the candidates for governor here.  The primary election is taking place on June 24, 2014.