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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Feb 7, 2018

There are a surprisingly high number of grandparents raising grandchildren here in Baltimore City. What persistent societal problems have contributed to the rise of this family situation, and what unique challenges do grandparent guardians face? In Baltimore, 20% of older adults are living below or at poverty level, and in communities of color that number is doubled. Raising kids for a second time, often on a much tighter budget and with a whole new array of emotional burdens, can seem like a nearly impossible task. We talk with a grandparent guardian about the reality of this situation and what the city needs to do in order to help families like hers.

Guests on this episode include:

Chris Beegle, Deputy Clinical Director, Family Connections Baltimore

Ebony Wilder, Public Information Officer, Baltimore City Community Action Partnership, Mayor’s Office of Human Services

Heang Kim Tan, Deputy Commissioner for Aging and Care Services, Baltimore City Health Department