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Global Vaccination Rollout: Failing Grade

Feb 9, 2021

Credit Marco Verch/Flickr Creative Commons

The whole world has been waiting for COVID-19 vaccines. Now that some are available, where are the doses going?

Bioethicist Ruth Faden, of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, explains the complexities and inequities of the global rollout. Even with the current delays and chaotic distribution in the U.S., she says for much of the world, the wait will be much longer: “We’re looking at vaccine availability for the world’s poorest countries in 2021, 2022, perhaps in 2023 … so a very different picture there.”

Then Sean Callahan, head of Catholic Relief Services, describes how wealthy countries can pay it forward with Covax -- purchasing vaccines in advance and sharing with those who can’t afford them and how CRS is working to keep people safe for the long haul.