Glass Mosaic, Matt Manning at The Stoop; A Case of the Mondays; and UPS guy, Mike Beresh | WYPR

Glass Mosaic, Matt Manning at The Stoop; A Case of the Mondays; and UPS guy, Mike Beresh

Oct 23, 2014

A visit with the artists behind the glass mosaic at the AVAM; a Stoop story from psychiatric nurse Matt Manning; Betsy Boyd shares A Case of the Mondays; and music and conversation with UPS delivery guy, Mike Beresh.

As of this weekend, Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum is officially bedazzled.  A massive, multicolored, two-thousand-square-foot glass mosaic has been mounted to the exterior of the building.  Many hands have worked for many months on the huge-scale community art project, and while the mural was in progress, The Signal’s Aaron Henkin paid a visit to the artists.


Matt Manning at The Stoop (photo credit: Dan Kempner)

On October 20th, the Stoop storytelling series hosted an evening with the theme:  That’s Incredible:  Stories about aliens, mystical experiences, and other strange-but-true happenings.  One of the most truly incredible stories of the night came from Matt Manning, a psychiatric nures.  He stepped up to the mic in front of a live audience at Center Stage and told this tale.

Betsy Boyd teaches creative writing at the University of Baltimore and serves as literary editor at Boyd joins us this week to share an excerpt from her short story, A Case of the Mondays.

Think about the last time you got a delivery from UPS.  Unremarkable, right?  You heard the knock, answered the door, signed for the package, muttered a thank you, and then you went on about your day.  Now ask yourself:  Did you give a second thought to the guy in the brown uniform?  Probably not.  Why would you?  He’s familiar but anonymous, just a guy doing his job.  But what do you reckon he thinks about you, or your next door neighbor, or any of the hundreds of personal lives he knocks on the doors of every day?  Producer Aaron Henkin decided to break the wall of anonymity with his UPS driver, Mike Beresh, and he invited him to WYPR’s Studio B.