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Gear Up for Gardening

Apr 17, 2019

Credit Mad Ball / Flickr Creative Commons

With rain and sunshine galore, it’s time to get your garden ready! Alexa Smarr, a horticulture educator and the master gardener coordinator for the University of Maryland-Extension - Baltimore County joins us to talk all things green. We hear why soil-testing is a must, what you can do to thwart common pests, and why Maryland’s birds and bugs rely on native plants.

Questions about gardening, weeds, or pests? Want to become a master gardener? Find resources at the Home and Garden Information Center.

Spotted lanternfly
Credit US Dept of Agriculture / Flickr Creative Commons

Plus, the invasion of the spotted lanternfly. What threat does this voracious planthopper pose, and how are experts tracking its advance? You can report a sighting here.

You can find information about your local extension by going to the University of Maryland Extension. Events across the state are listed here.