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Game show buff Cory Anotado, Brooke Johnson’s ‘Extra Alive,’ and ‘O Say Can You Feel’

May 7, 2014

The quizzical story of a lifelong trivia fanatic; Brooke Johnson’s one-woman play, Extra Alive; and storytellers from the oral history performance, O Say Can You Feel 

Cory Anotado stares down his competition on the Game Show Network program, "The Chase"
  Maybe it’s their utter familiarity.  Maybe it’s that they never seem to change.  Or maybe it’s the simple joy of watching happy people jump up and down.  But our fascination with the television game show is deeply ingrained.  For some, that fascination can even border on obsession.  Producer Aaron Henkin brings us this story.
    Brooke Johnson’s new one-woman show is titled, Extra Alive, and when you meet her, you’ll know why. A seasoned comedic performer and cancer survivor, Johnson exudes energy, grace, humor, and a genuine love of life. She joins producer Lisa Morgan in studio for a preview of her upcoming show at the Creative Alliance.
Storytellers Jo Ann McKinney, Vanessa Johnson,and Roderick Howard II, at the WYPR studios
  Here’s a little-known story about the American flag:  Back during the War of 1812, a white woman named Mary Pickersgill of Baltimore sewed the original Star-Spangled Banner. Grace Wisher was a young African American indentured servant in Pickersgill’s household, and Wisher helped to sew the flag.  The Reginald F Lewis Museum now stands on the same city block as the house where that flag was made.  The museum is about to open an exhibit about the American flag called For Whom it Stands.  An oral history project, O Say Can You Feel,  has been developed in conjunction with the exhibition, and producer Aaron Henkin introduces us to some of the featured voices.