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The Future Of Education In Baltimore

Jan 15, 2020

Cecil Elementary School
Credit Eli Pousson / Baltimore Heritage via Flickr

Schools in Baltimore City have struggled over the years, and face a potential $60 million budget shortfall in 2021. Meanwhile lawmakers are debating whether or not to fully fund the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission.  


On this episode of Future City, the monthly conversation on innovative responses to the city’s most pressing problems, we ask what it’s going to take to make Baltimore City schools the best that they can be. We explore how improvements to school buildings, wrap-around services and curriculum changes can be paid for and what Baltimore can learn from other jurisdictions. 


William “Brit” Kirwan, Chancellor Emeritus of the University System of Maryland; Chair of Maryland’s Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, also known as the Kirwan Commission

Marc Tucker, Chief Consultant to the Kirwan Commission and Founding President of the National Center on Education and the Economy

Carol Park, Senior Policy Analyst, The Maryland Public Policy Institute 

Khalilah Harris, Managing Director for K-12 Education Policy, Center for American Progress