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Frosh has some sharp words for Sessions

Aug 8, 2017

State Attorney General Brian Frosh has some harsh words for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Maryland’s Attorney General Brian Frosh had some sharp words today for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session.

Last week, Sessions threatened to withhold federal crime fighting money from Baltimore and three other cities struggling with gun violence to punish them for not giving federal immigration agents access to local jails.

Frosh, appearing on WYPR’s Midday with Tom Hall, pointed out that the prison system is under state jurisdiction, not the city.

"It shows a level of ignorance and demagoguery I think that is unprecedented in my professional life," said Frosh criticizing Sessions.

And the controversial gun bill that is currently going through city council has Frosh concerned that it will increase Maryland’s incarceration rate.

“The legislation has been a bit of a moving target," said Frosh. "I’m skeptical of mandatory minimums there is no one-size fits all kind of justice.” 

Frosh added that there is already a five-year mandatory minimum for handgun crimes.