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The First Five Years: Approaches to Learning

Dec 4, 2013

Credit Maryland Family Network

From birth, children are intensely engaged in learning how to learn. They are propelled by motivation, attitudes, and habits that experts call "approaches to learning."

Child Development Tracker from PBS Parents provides age-specific suggestions for nurturing your child’s curiosity, persistence, problem solving, and imagination.  Select your child’s age and then click on “Approaches to Learning.”

Although intended for its teachers, Head Start’s “Approaches to Learning” offers clear explanation about why each approach to learning is important and suggests ways to nurture their development.

It’s interesting to note that “approaches to learning” captures the essence of the “plan, do, review” process that is the core of the teaching method developed by High Scope at the reknown Perry Preschool Project.

Watch MFN’s video on persistence and problem solving, two traits that support early learning.