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Of Faith and Forgiveness: Everyman Theatre

Feb 13, 2019

Steve Polites, Bruce Randolph Nelson, Tony Nam, Alex Spieth, Deborah Hazlett, and Hannah Kelly in 'Everything is Wonderful' at Everyman Theatre.
Credit ClintonBPhotography

The play “Everything is Wonderful” at Everyman Theatre makes us think anew about what it means to forgive, and what it takes to do it. Director Noah Himmelstein contrasts the mercy an Amish family shows a man whose driving took their son’s lives … with their sternness toward their free-spirited daughter. And we meet Mark and Sandy Laken, inspired by the play to search for the driver who might have caused their own son’s fatal crash three decades ago. 

"Everything is Wonderful" plays at the Everyman Theatre through Feb. 24. Visit this link for ticket information.

If you have any information regarding the car crash from Sept. 23, 1988 on Bard College campus, please email press@everymantheatre.org