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Eyes In The Sky Over Baltimore

Feb 24, 2020

A diagram illustrating how wide area motion imagery works.
Credit Courtesy/MPIA

What’s the best way to combat the staggering number of murders in Baltimore? One approach supported by Police Commissioner Harrison is a test of aerial surveillance. What could it accomplish? What are its limitations? What privacy concerns does it raise? We speak with Baltimore Beat news editor Brandon Soderberg, who has reported on the technology and with University of Baltimore law professor Colin Starger, who looks at privacy issues kindled by citywide aerial surveillance.

We will post information on public meetings hosted by Baltimore Police Department about the upcoming aerial surveillance as it becomes available.

For information on Legal Hackers meet up where Soderberg is speaking, visit this link.

To read Soderberg's reporting in The Appeal, visit this link.

To learn about the Persistent Surveillance Systems technology, visit this link.

Here are public meetings happening in March:

March 11th, Dorothy I. Height Elementary School, 2011 Linden Avenue

March 16th, Morgan State University, Earl G. Graves Business School

March 19th, Green Street Academy, 125 North Hilton Street

Visit this link for more meeting information.