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Exploring the Legacy of WWI

Nov 12, 2018

President Donald Trump at Suresnes American Cemetery near Paris. Trump was one of more than 60 world leaders attending ceremonies in Paris to mark the centennial of the Armistice that ended World War I.
Credit AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

On this Veteran’s Day, Midday is exploring how World War I radically altered not only political boundaries, but also our concepts of war and peace.  The bloody conflict that ended 100 years ago yesterday was originally called "The Great War." At the time, it was considered "The War to End All Wars." Many world leaders gathered in Paris over the weekend to commemorate the centennial of Armistice Day, and ponder its lessons.

Dr. Nicole Dombrowski-Risser, professor of history at Towson University
Credit Nicole Dombrowski-Risser

Tom speaks with Dr. Nicole Dombrowski-Risser, a professor of History at Towson University. She has written and lectured widely on the impact of war on society, and over the past four years, she has chaired Towson University’s series of commemorative lectures called Battlefields and Homefronts: World War I and Modern Life.

Today's conversation was the first part of a three-segment show we live-streamed continuously on Facebook.  You can watch the video here; this segment runs to 15:20 in the stream.